Raggyrog is now flash capable!

2009-09-08 02:23:04 by RaggyRog

I FINALLY finished my first flash animation for newgrounds. It's the remake of an ecard I had to make in highschool, originally I only wanted to try and remake it so it was exactly how I made it originally, but I guess in my older age I've learned a few tricks. It's now a fair bit longer and I've also added audio to it which was never even thought of before. Here's hoping it makes the newgrounds cut.


2009-08-15 01:39:49 by RaggyRog

*Sigh* I was meant to be logging onto youtube tonight and learning me some flash skillz so I can finally contribute to Newgrounds, but unfortunately as I sat at my computer, Murphies law decided it'd be funny to make work call and tell me i'm on for the night.. Wooooo... maybe i'll make a flash animation one day about how much I hate my boss... lemme know watcha think. Seriously