Entry #2

Raggyrog is now flash capable!

2009-09-08 02:23:04 by RaggyRog

I FINALLY finished my first flash animation for newgrounds. It's the remake of an ecard I had to make in highschool, originally I only wanted to try and remake it so it was exactly how I made it originally, but I guess in my older age I've learned a few tricks. It's now a fair bit longer and I've also added audio to it which was never even thought of before. Here's hoping it makes the newgrounds cut.


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2009-09-14 18:08:53

I watched your flash, good for a starter though I have to agree with most of the comments: it's kinda slow...

I also really liked the song at the beginning I'm sort of a Big Band fan can you tell me what the song was?

thx in advance

RaggyRog responds:

Thanks for the appropriate reinforcement of where I need to improve in my flash animating. The song was called Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by the Andrew Sisters. Thanks for watching, I hope the slow pace did not prevent you from enjoying it.


2010-01-26 17:14:32

Well u are a ugly one lol!! HAHA


2012-03-06 22:12:06